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The European Research Network on Field Margin Ecology was initiated in 1993 under a CEC-funded contract AIR3- CT 920476, which has now been completed. These Network pages continue to be maintained as a means of information exchange between interested scientists and others. The subject continues to be of major scientific and policy significance, contributing to biodiversity maintenance and sustainbility in agricultural systems.

Currently, the Network is an informal group, retaining the structure of the original, but with no financial support. These web pages are maintained by Jon Marshall.

The Commission approved the following as national coordinators for the Network:

Dr Bernhard Kromp, Austria
Dr Jean-Pierre Maelfait, Belgium
Dr Anna Bodil Hald, Denmark
Dr Juha Helenius, Finland
Dr Françoise Burel, France
Dr Bärbel Gerowitt, Germany
Dr Sotiris Tsiouris, Greece
Dr Maurizio Paoletti, Italy
(Dr Gordon Purvis), now Dr Grace O'Donovan, Ireland
Dr Wouter Joenje, Netherlands
Dr Gary Fry, Norway
Dr Teresa Pinto Correia, Portugal
Dr Oscar Alomar, Spain
Dr Jan Lagerlöf, Sweden
Dr Dani Schaffner, Switzerland
Dr Jon Marshall, UK Project Coordinator

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The role of the Network:

The objectives of the Network are to enhance coordination of research relevant to field margin ecology, within the European Community and within Europe as a whole. Specific objectives within the research contract relevant to the Network are:

- To establish links between, and a register of, researchers and projects on aspects of field margin ecology

The results available are:
i) a database of researchers Researchers on Field Margins
ii) a bibliography created using the EndNote Plus program, available from Francoise Burel Email:


The Research Network arose from a proposal for a Concerted Action made to the CEC, Brussels under the AIR 3 Programme. At the request of the Commission the Concerted Action was amalgamated with a research proposal drawn up by Jon Marshall, Wouter Joenje and Francoise Burel, titled 'Field boundary habitats for wildlife, crop and environmental protection'. The network comprises Task K of that research contract with the Commission. The overall objectives of the research contract were: to understand the processes at work across the field boundary ecotone and to exploit these by appropriate management for the benefit of farm wildlife, environmental protection and sustainable crop production. The final report of the project has been submitted (the Project Summary is avialable) and was presented at a meeting in Brussels in May 1997, titled "Field Margins in European Farming Systems". A series of scientific papers and reports arising from the project have been published.

If you have comments on the direction of any developments, please feel free to send to: Jon Marshall
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