This consultancy is run by Dr Jon Marshall, who was previously Head of the Agroecology Group at the IACR - Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol, part of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bristol. In addition to consultancy work, Jon Marshall is Editor-in-Chief of Weed Research, a retired Editor of the Journal of Applied Ecology, and a member of the Editorial Board of Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, all internationally recognised scientific journals. He retains academic status at the University of Bristol as a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Science and is a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Worcester.

Jon Marshall runs the Editorial Office of Weed Research, the journal of the European Weed Research Society.

The company conducts contract applied ecological research in the field of agriculture and the environment for government departments and agencies, agrochemical manufacturers and merchants. This builds on past contract and commission experience, including tendering, project organisation and managing a research group. The company also provides practical and policy advice in the area of agriculture and the environment to private clients, including developers and landowners, and will make inventories of flora and fauna. The company can also provide training in ecology, as well as contributing to Masters and diploma courses in academic institutions. The company employs associates, usually ex-Long Ashton or at Bristol University, to cover the necessary range of expertise. See Links.