Farmed Environment Company
JustEcology Ltd
Kendall Bioresearch Services
Agrofutura, Switzerland

Collaborating Research Organisations

Central Science Laboratory
Wageningen University, The Netherlands
, Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group
Centre for Agriculture and Environment Research, University of Reading
British Trust for Ornithology
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Game Conservancy Trust


Somerset Hedge Group
HEDGES, the EU project on European hedges

Learned Societies and Associations

Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Institute of Biology
British Ecological Society
European Weed Research Society
International Association for Landscape Ecology
Association of Applied Biologists
Botanical Society of the British Isles

Agri-environmental organisations

Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group
English Nature
Environmental Management for Agriculture


Wildlife, Sustainability and Waste

Carymoor Environmental Centre
Environment Agency


Pesticides Safety Directorate